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How to Make Perfect Photo for Resume and Passport

If you need to make professional pictures for passport or CV.  To look presentable we will give you some tips on how to prepare yourself for this kind of photoshoot.

1- Check if there are any requirements which you need to follow for this specific photo session e.g.

  • Hair (tied or open, forehead and ears to be shown or not)
  • Make-up (red lipstick is allowed or better ‘natural’ look)
  • Jewelry (allowed or restricted)
  • Cloth (color preferences; tidy look or ‘professionally dressed’)


2- Check your previous pictures which you have made for passport or cv and make a note of what you like and what you prefer to change in your new photoshoot.

3- Google some “passport picture” and see how people look – do you like friendly faces, or full of confidence – try to practice in front of mirror to find out how to have the same emotion on your face during the photoshoot.

4- Prepare all your outfits for the photoshoot with neatly ironed – remember that the camera will highlight all the details.

5- Makeup – is always a good idea for any kind of photoshoot. Do not be afraid of putting more than usual foundation on or contouring your face – cameras love this and benefit you even when you over do these kind of preparation. At the same time be careful with eye shadow and don’t use bright colors, same with lipstick – its better to use matt and natural roses colors instead of shine and bright red colors.

6- Hair – even though its allowed to open your hair for picture, this kind of photography always looks better while your hair will be tied nicely. So its kind of a  “working look” to show that you are up to date with professional styles.

7- Shoes – closed shoes in any case

  • Black/beige plain in any case
  • Heels always look better than flats
  • If you will wear a skirt – then carry with you tights – it will benefit how your legs will look on the picture.

8- Posture – it’s not that easy to stand by yourself with an official look? Leave this work to us – we will help you capture the best image as we have many years of experience for making people look professional and attractive in a photography.



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